ARECH after-sale Assistance for our products

After-sale assistance is important for any client

The after-sale assistance section will give you an idea of what we offer after-sale.

ARECH Cooperation and Assistance

Hereon ARECH after-sale Service is something that we take seriously for all our clients, we offer life time service for our products, followed by Full Assistance and Services.

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ARECH give you a proffesional Guarantee!

We guarantee to all our clients, quality and satisfaction performance for all our products, we have the higher level for LED Display products, and always we try to improve and adapt to the new technology, and come with new ideas to be on top level all the time.

after-sale Assistance-badge-Warranty & Guarantee

ARECH give you a real Warranty!

Warranty is defined as an assurance given by us, and it is for all our clients that buy our products. It specifies that the particular product is up to the standard, i.e. quality, function and performance, and respect our initial offer.

ARECH products are widely used in indoor and outdoor commercial media, sports venues, stage performances, special-shape creativity, etc. In addition, we also provide LED Display integrated solutions. With the development of technology and manufacture workmanship, we have made many classical cases in the international market.

after-sale Assistance-badge-Warranty & Guarantee

ARECH Support & Service!

Our service goal: fast, accurate, professional After Sales Support & Service:
- Warranty according to our contract agreement
- Real-time communication service
- Hardware and software upgrade service
- Live support 24/7
- Our experienced professionals can also help with staffing during busy periods or when customers don’t have adequate staff for the issue at hand.
- Our team is available around the clock, including weekends and holidays, to ensure maximum uptime for both hardware and software.


ARECH after-sale Assistance

After the warranty period, we continue providing life-long service and only charge for material cost and labor cost. In addition, we can provide effective service according to a mutual agreement if there is a problem with your LED Screen which was not delivered from us.

Above all, with our own designed and produced screens, we know that you won’t find a better team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers that stands behind their product than right here at ARECH. If you have any issues with LED Screens, please contact us right away!

Importantly, the ARECH Warranty covers the entire screen, including all parts and controllers delivered by ARECH to clients, effective from the date of shipment.
ARECH warrants that the screen will be free from defects in display material and workmanship by the normal use as instructed by ARECH for the entire warranty period.

Our Verifed Certificate

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