LED Display Video Screen from ARECH Factory

(for Outdoor & Indoor Application)


ARECH produce, design, test, pack, and deliver
our own personal designed products!

LED Displays from ARECH are the best solutions for advertising!


LED Screen Flexible,
Curved, Bendable

Flexible, bendable, suitable for concave and convex shapes, it is fit for any irregular projects...


Video LED Display
Fixed Indoor Series

Used for Luxury Chain store, shopping mall, theater, exhibition center, TV station...


Our LED Screen
Fixed Outdoor Series

You can build large billboards or a big LED Wall where you can display advertising...


LED Display
Staging & Rental

Make your next event unforgettable, use our high resolution and high-quality LED products...


HD Wall
LED Screen

Our HD wall with excellent color performance and ultra-high image content, the standard ...

Support & Service,
Guarantee & Warranty

ARECH is a professional company, we offer lifetime service to our products and clients...

Create your own shapes with our Flexible LED Display

At this moment, we can tell you ARECH produces one of the thinnest & lightest LED Displays in the world.
We use special materials and advanced technology to achieve this level.
Nature soft LED Screen, nature flexible LED Screen, basically, the main material is a very soft, soft LED board, soft protection, to make Softly curved LED Display.

Who is ARECH, what we do, what we offer?

Firstly, as a solution provider of LED Screen, most of our R&D technicians is more than 13 years of technical background. 
Secondly, to create innovative ideas to become real, we make stable LED products that stand out from the LED Screen suppliers.
However, we make perfect function come as a standard when we’re talking about us, or our products.

Moreover, we have been doing this LED Screen products for a long time, and we still love the challenge of manage new techniques.
Firstly, we love to work together with clients, to give the cream of technological advance. In conclusion, it is not a job, it’s our life’ work, we do this because we love it, and it is connected to everything we make.
Important is that passion and investment drive us towards making a truly great LED Screen products.

In addition, when we talk about our High Quality, it is always the pursuit of our products, and we put into every detail of our work.
From the client’s demands to the precision of its execution. Above all, our incoming raw material of LED Screen products are mainly from the top-level suppliers.
Our guys on the production line are more than 6 years’ experience in the LED Screen industry.
The most important is we made strict process control to make sure the stability of products. However, that is how we ensure our work creates value for our clients.

In other words, ARECH people are available 24/7 to support you and your project.
No matter if it is about your product delivered by us, no matter if you have a certain project to confirm.
We want your LED Screens to look good, we like you to install a good display at the end.
For instance, Should you have any concern about LED Screen just give us a call-we are happy to help.

Why you should choose our LED Display Video Screen products?


About ARECH factory

ARECH provides world-class LED Displays and solutions for: retail, TV Station, commercial, entertainment, control room, broadcast, sports, landscape lighting, and many other applications.

ARECH design, produce, test, pack, and deliver our own 100% designed products!

All the products from ARECH Factory

As a final aspect, all our products from ARECH Factory are mainly exported to Europe and the Oceania. In Asia also we have a strategic agreement with the largest distributor.

Support & Service / Warranty & Guarantee

after-sale Assistance-badge-Warranty & Guarantee-2

ARECH Warranty!

Warranty is defined as an assurance given by us to all our clients that buy our products. It specifies that the particular product is up to the standard, i.e. quality, function, and performance, and respects our initial offer. A warranty is a promise which is not a condition of the contract.
after-sale Assistance-badge-Warranty & Guarantee

ARECH Guarantee!

We guarantee to all our clients, quality and satisfaction performance for all our products. We have a higher level for LED Display products.
Always we try to improve and adapt to the new technology and come with new ideas to be on top level all the time.
after-sale Assistance-badge-Support & Service

ARECH Support & Service!

Our service team is built to complement the technical teams of our customers by offering specialized services and skill sets not typically found among corporate IT teams.
We provide peace of mind by offering an experienced support system of ARECH.

ARECH have a wide range of product application, covering commercial media, TV station, roadshows, live events, meeting rooms, control rooms, traffic signs, creative applications, etc. In addition, ARECH products have been approved by CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS.

Whether you need a LED Wall or you need to create a custom LED-Display, ARECH has a Display solution for your project. ARECH offers various options for indoor and outdoor application, and it can be curved, or flat, or cylinder screen. ARECH works hard to ensure the full satisfaction of clients. Before, during, and after each sale, we are here to answer questions and to provide the best support and service to customers.

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2F BLG1, Xintaiyang Industrial Park, NO. 114 Zhulongtian Road, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

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