Components brand that we use to build our products

Quality Control and good components provide quality products

Components brand that we use, are the best components that we can use.

Brand components give us products stability

Firstly, ARECH is a professional company, we design and implement the effective process to make our products.

Secondly, for producing and delivering good products, we need to work with the best brand suppliers on the market.

Thirdly, we choose carefully our suppliers, we ask and use the best quality components brand.

Moreover, it is vital for us to have more options to offer to our clients. We can do/offer economical option, or we can reach the luxury High-level product.


What kind of components do we use in our production?

To build the final products, ARECH cooperates with the most famous and popular trademark brand for the main component as:

      • Power supply
      • Controller
      • LED Chip
      • Many other parts that we use to create our final and finished products
      • Different shapes, different sizes, different applications: indoor and outdoor.

Most importantly, integration with these components and making the final products is crucial. Components are just one important part in our process production. In conclusion, we come with ARECH R&D engineers to design, build our products.

Moreover, all our products, use the good brand partners’ components in the market now.

Important note, here are just a few of our brand partners, some components we have used from them. In conclusion, we assure always we try to bring and provide the best solution to our clients that we have.

Quality components are our demands

ARECH has a wide range of LED displays that can help to make almost any size and customized shape screen.

Our LED display products are seamless, with clear and fine displaying image, we focus on the detail of the products.

To Begin with the demands of clients to the precision of its execution, we do a variety of creative solutions from 0.9 mm – 16 mm in fixed outdoor, fixed indoor, and curved LED screen solutions.

Our ultra-slim and nature flexible product are able to create bendable and curved displays, shape your wonderful ideas, make them come true in the real LED screen world.

Firstly, LED Chip's and IC are very important in our final products, here are the brand names that we use


(LED Chip)


(LED Chip)


(LED Chip)


(IC - Integrated Circuit)


(IC - Integrated Circuit)

Secondly, Power Supply's are other important part in our final products, here are the brand names that we use


(Power supply)


(Power supply)


(Power supply)


(Power supply)


(Power supply)

Thirdly, Controllers and Video Processors are other important part in our final products










(Video Processor)

Other most important parts in our final products, are connectors and fans, here are the brand names that we use







In conclusion, the world has changed from quality to quantity, and so have we on ARECH.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. (WILLIAM A. FOSTER)

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