Components brand that we use to build our products

Quality Control and good components provide quality products

Components brand we used are mainly from top-level suppliers in China, Japan, or America, the good quality electronics consist of the good quality products.

Brand components ensure product’s durability

Firstly, ARECH is a professional company, main focus is quality, all our incoming raw material of LED display products are mostly from the first-level suppliers.

Usually, we work with long-term partners for main materials, therefore we have steady progress to produce good quality products.

Meanwhile, we choose carefully the new brand components and suppliers, we make reliability tests before we start to use new components.

What is more, we offer optional levels to our clients. That is, we can do/offer economical product, or we can reach the luxury High-level product.


What kind of components brands do we mainly used?

To build the good quality products, ARECH cooperates with the most famous and popular trademark brand for the main component as:

    • LED Nichia, Cree, Nation Star etc.
    • Power supply: Meanwell, TDK, Greatwall etc.
    • Controller: Nova, Colorlight, Brompton etc.
    • Integrated circuit: MBI, Toshiba, Chipone etc.
    • Many other top level materials that we used for our products.

At ARECH Displays, we work with select brands of main materials integration partners to make sure they’re fully equipped to provide the top level materials and services to us. Subsequently, we provide a full line of both indoor and outdoor LED displays in a range of pixel pitches to ensure the good quality of our product.

Quality components are our demands

ARECH has a wide range of LED displays, it enables to do almost any size and customized shape screen.

Our LED display products are seamless, with clear and fine displaying image, the thinnest HD wall, the most slim nature flexible display, we do a variety of creative solutions from 0.9 mm – 16 mm in fixed outdoor, fixed indoor and curved LED screen solutions.

No matter what kind of application: shopping malls, storefront window displays, chain stores, airports, hubs, institutions, exhibitions, museums, theaters, events, architectures, we have the right LED display for you.

If you want to make an impactful image about your brand, you may trust ARECH LED display technology to get you noticed.

Firstly, LED & IC are the crucial point to decide the quality of product, here are the main brands that we use


(LED Chip)


(LED Chip)


(LED Chip)


(IC - Integrated Circuit)


(IC - Integrated Circuit)

Secondly, Power Supply is the another key factor to influent the level of product, below are often used brands


(Power supply)


(Power supply)


(Power supply)


(Power supply)


(Power supply)

Thirdly, Controllers and processors are also important to the performance of the product, these are the brands we used frequently










(Video Processor)

In conclusion, quality is our first priority, this is the reason we do quantity products.







In conclusion, the world has changed from quality to quantity, and so have we on ARECH.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. (WILLIAM A. FOSTER)


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